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Angels, Daemons, Guardians, and Semi-Celestial Beings

A is for Angel B is for Bride C is for Cherubim
D is for Death E is for Earth F is for Fate
G is for Gabriel III H is for Horseman I is for Icarus
J is for Janus J is for Janus L is for Lucifer L is for Lucifer M is for Michael M is for Michael
N is for Nike N is for Nike O is for Oberon O is for Oberon P is for Persephone P is for Persephone
Q is for Quetzalcoatl Q is for Quetzalcoatl R is for Raphael R is for Raphael
S is for Satan
S is for Satan
T is for Trickser T is for Trickster U is for Uriel U is for Uriel
V is for Vesta
V is for Vesta
Y is for Yule Y is for Yule        

I have found that Truth is found in the process of journeying rather than in the arrival at a destination. Whether the journey is physical, mental, emotional, or visual is less important than the act of reaching towards understanding. For myself, the process of creating a drawing is an opportunity to explore my own truths and to experiment with expressing them visually.

Once a piece is finished it is no longer a journey for me but instead becomes the touchstone for the viewer to start his or her own search for truth. The image is just the starting point; it is your unique personal reaction to the image that is the first step of a new journey. With each finished piece I hope to create an image that encourages the viewer to take a step back and consider his or her own assumptions about life. Each image carries a lot of symbolic value, both explicit and implicit, sometimes obscure and often contradictory.

The more you look the more you will see.

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A Note about Turtles
It used to be that as a rite of passage among the Native Americans a person would go out into the woods alone and wait to be contacted by a spiritual guide in an animal form. When I read about it I wished I could do something like it to discover my own spirit animal; I just didn't realize that this journey could happen without ever leaving the suburbs! Either way, I realized one summer that the symbol of the turtle had become a noticeable part of my life. I would see turtles everywhere: on signs, on clothing, on jewelry, real turtles, sculpted turtles, turtle characters in books...the list goes on! So it has become a little game now that I hide turtles in my angel drawings. See if you can find them!